Saturday, 3 October 2015

Lowering the Datsun

I've been researching how to lower the truck. I was originally planning on resetting the rear leaf springs, but then decided on getting some lowering blocks instead. I got a quote at Supercheap (!) for the aftermarket Nolathane kit for this car (part number 47960) and they wanted $200. I figure that's pretty steep for some u-bolts and a block of aluminium. I went chasing some u-bolts to do it myself but they turned out to be $75 for 4 of them. 

Luckily I found these guys at Online Performance in Hallam who had the kit for about 1/2 the price. And here it is

Here's the back of the ute at the standard ride height. 

And here's the standard u-bolts holding the axle to the leaf springs

Removing the existing setup was easy enough. Here's the lowering blocks in place. I ended up shortening the supplied u-bolts by about 40mm. 

And I had to shorten the existing rubber bump stops (did with a hacksaw)

Lowering the front

The front suspension is torsion bars which can be adjusted down to lower the ride height. Here's a pic of the adjustment bolts. With the existing bolts, you can get about 50-60mm drop at the front. Basically you turn these square nuts anti-clockwise to loosen the bolts to drop the height. 

So I ended up with around a 2.5" drop all around, which has really helped the stance.

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